Naxos yesterday and today
The tour visits the mainland. Galanado is the first village we come across. First stop at Damalas village. Visit of a pottery workshop. Second stop at the village of Halki. Visit of the citrus di... More
Apollo Tour
The tour visits the interior of the island up the northest village of Apollonas. Through the villages of Glinado, Ag. Arsenios and Vivlos the tour arrives at Sagri village where the archaic temple of... More
Special Central Naxos and beaches Full day tour
The tour starts at the fertile valley of Melanes. Visit of the impressive statue of Kouros. Second stop stop at the village Kaloxylos where a neoclassical restored house hosts a folk exhibition Then... More
Starting point the village of Kinidaros. After a visit at an old olive press, the tour leads down an old pathway to the longest river on Naxos. The path leads to Agios Artemios church and the old mona... More
Naxos at your feet
Starting point the village of Kourounochori. Walk along the Melanes valley to the village of Mili past a small waterfall and then to the abandoned Kouros statues of the area. Next through an old marbl... More